This past Monday, December 1st I went to work, even though I was still not feeling well as I had already been feeling sick all throughout Thanksgiving. I left work early and went into the emergency room and fair enough they always ask me.... "How did you get here and I'm like "I came here. I drove myself!" I'm anemic. So once they check my blood level... which was 6.8 ; I was admitted in the emergency room and received 1 liter of blood. This was not my first time receiving a transfusion... This must have been the third time I received one. I was in need of blood.

I really do not know why has chosen to let this be my short coming.... but he is grown. He is the Master. I don't get to question Him. But I answer Him. I don't get to be mad at Him even though I've tried this over and over... See I decided to post this blog post as a testimony today for when I should have been dead God kept me alive. It's been a long year and I could have possibly not been alive today but I'm still here. I really do get crazy ideas about receiving others' blood to the point where I asked the doctors for other alternatives but I have learned that God is using this to teach me a lesson.

To rely on him. To learn the importance of blood. The importance of life.not to take things for granted. See if I never needed a blood transfusion I wouldn't appreciate those trucks going around asking for people to donate blood. Appreciate the life that God has given you today and always...

To everyone who texted, called, facebooked or visited me I would like to say thank you, thank you and thank youuuuuuuu for speaking life over me and praying for me.

Count your Blessings,

Zepha Praise

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