Paulette Exile

Paulette Exile is a thinker and a communicator. Her perspective on life is rooted heavily in God and the word of God. She has an uncanny ability to make the word of God not just comprehensible but also very relatable. She fully understands that being a hearer of the word is just not enough. You must apply the word to your world and transition  from header to doer. 


She’s an accomplished author of 3 books. Her first book The Woman with the Issue is a parallel of the women with the issue of blood and her deliverance from lesbianism. Her second book, 10 Steps to emotional recovery through Gods word is a written road map to allowing the word of God to assist your on on your journey not just to spiritual healing but emotional healing as well. Her third book, Things I’ve learned from Lani is her most treasured book to date. This book gives you a perspective of God through the eyes of her one year old granddaughter Kehlani. This book was birth while she was quarantined due to the COVID19 pandemic in Dallas Texas with her daughter, her son in law Karl and her granddaughter. 


She has preached on numerous platforms and has sat on many panels throughout the continental United States. She is a teacher, preacher and a seminarian but above all else she is a servant of the Most High God. She never takes it lightly when God allows her to use the anointing that He’s places in her to be a blessing to His people. She believes in holistically pontificating on the word of God that lives may not just be changed but transformed. 


She is a faithful servant/member of Destiny Church Dothan located in Dothan Alabama under the auspicious and amazing leadership of Dr Jevon Goode. She is dental hygienist by profession and has been a member in good standing of the ADHA The American Dental Hygiene Association since 1997. 


She is the mother of 2 amazing children. Spencer and Kimberly. And I’m 2019 she welcomed her very first granddaughter Kehlani Promise Brady onto the world.


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