Pastor Flore Francois

Flore Francois is a Mother of 2 beautiful girls – Heidi and Chloe, an Atlanta Base Minister, Author, Bible Teacher, Entrepreneur, Song writer, International Gospel Recording  Artist, Christian Blogger, Digital content Creator, Life Coach an Aspire Photographer and most importantly a worshiper after God’s own heart.


You only need to spend a few minutes with her to see what she is about: lavishing love on God and His people, creating memories with her family, serving at her local church and loving Him wholeheartedly. Her thirst for God is insatiable. She desires to inspire, encourage, and empower those around to live an abundant and satisfying life – a life that flourishes and blooms in every area: spirit, soul, and body! She hopes that as others read and study God’s word, they would begin to see the beauty in their unique story.


Flore is passionate about everything in life, but mostly about Jesus and about the way He changed, renewed, restored and continues to transform her life.


She is passionate about diving deep into scripture, learning His ways for herself, and then re-teaching the Biblical nuggets of wisdom to audiences, both big and small. She encourages women daily to stand up as the warriors they are and to be intentional about getting in God’s word and taking the background that the Enemy has stood on for far too long. Not hurrying to perfection for appearances but walking in brokenness towards perfect love.


She thought she had it all figured out as a preacher’s kid until everything she had created for herself was ripped from her hands. The grief, the lost, betrayals, fear, doubt, shame plagued her, humiliation seemed to define her, and brokenness was the only way she could seem to define herself.


She is the founder of Blooming in Grace Ministries, which exists to foster healing and give a voice to those who have been silenced from all forms of abuse. 


She is the Executive Director and founder of Sistership Circles, a sisterhood Community where Godly Sisters bloom. She is truly a living and walking testimony of God’s redemption plan in action.


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