Amanda Graves

Amanda D. Graves is no stranger to ministry. Throughout her life she has led, participated, and supported in ministry programs and projects across the world. Currently in Oklahoma City with her children. She has conducted everything from fundraisers, toy and food drives, to community concert events throughout her years of service. Founder of Impossible In The Making Ministries Non-Profit and helps support many non-profits and ministries in any way she is able to do so. Amanda understands that 50% Church and 50% street work equals 100% Ministry. She has helped support a number of events for many non-profits including but not limited to fundraising and community outreach projects.She has participated for years and will continue to serve in these types of capacities because it is needed in every community. “Building platforms, networking and connecting with others to build community projects, events, tours and helping others is her passion”. Amanda loves serving others and meeting the needs of those who need her help. It is her dream to leave a legacy for all of her children and to show them that love will always win and it will drive out hate. She loves to write, travel, dance, listen to music, cook and learn about life. She has always loved serving others and will continue to do so as long as she is able. She doesn't like titles and just believes that if she is chosen she will get the job done. 


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